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ZYP2FC004B01 Hydraulic gear pump

Brand :Zhongyuan

Product origin :China

Delivery time :30 days

Supply capacity :10000 PCS per month

ZYP2FC004B01 Hydraulic gear pump

General description :The gear pumps are designed for transforming the mechanical energy as energy of the working liquid (pressure and flow rate). They are simplified in construction and they have a relatively low cost. All these benefits ensure their wide application in the hydraulic systems.

Drive arangements :The pump drive may be direct or indirect (by gear, chains, or belt transmissions). Both drives should not impose axial or radial forces on the pump shaft. Oldham coupling serrated drive adapters are used with direct drive. For indirect drive refer to the manufacturer.

The gear pumps are designed to work at the conditions mentioned below:

- Working liquid: hydraulic oils with viscosity 16 ... 200mm2/s;

- Degree of filtration: 15 ... 25ìm;

- Ambient temperature range: - 22 ... 55 °C;

- Fluid temperature range: - 25 ... 80 °C;

- Inlet pressure, absolute: 0.8 ... 2.2 bar;

- Fluid velocity (suctiun line) 0,5 ... 1m/s

- Outlet pressure up to 250bar.

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