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China's valve Standard Status and Prospects

Valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, metallurgy, electricity, water, large-scale coal chemical industry, increasing the total amount of valve products, the continuous development of valve technology, valve applications continue to broaden, the corresponding valve standard more highlights its importance. This article describes the following aspects of the development of the valve standard profiles, system configuration, standard situation, adopt standard conditions and development trends.

1, China's valve industry, mining standard case

Adoption of international standards and the use of foreign advanced standards is an important a standardized policy. Valve standard also actively implementing this policy, based on standards, methods standards and product standards with a large number of international and foreign advanced standards, improve the standard of our valve technology.

(1) international standard situation

(2) the use of foreign advanced standards situation

With the construction and implementation of long-distance pipelines and other key projects, the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards in our country more and more attention. API is an American oil industry interests in all aspects of exploration, development, transportation, refining and marketing, and other non-profit organizations on behalf of, the development of standards that are widely used in the international arena. There are 17 standard API valves have been converted or are being transformed into China's national standards and industry standards. Also standard in our country and abroad the specific circumstances, our standard is also used part of the standard MSS, AWWA, ASME, BS, JIS, and other advanced countries and associations.

By using ISO and foreign advanced standards, so that our standard level has greatly improved, narrowing the gap with foreign advanced products valves, for some conventional products, not only to meet or exceed the quality of similar foreign products.

2, the valve standard trends

(1) to strengthen standards and scientific research, especially in science and technology links major national research projects, to guide research and advanced technology backbone enterprises, the independent innovation achievements into standards and promote the development of new technologies, new processes.

National Standard Authority valve is now developing national standards "intelligent electric valve device." Intelligent electric valve device is abroad at the beginning of this century, developed new products, through the introduction and development of our country, we have mastered the technology, and is developing very fast. Yangzhou electricity build, two-Tianjin, Wenzhou, Rotork, Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary and so can production, product quality is quite good. Development of high-tech "intelligent electric valve device" standard, to promote development of the industry, blocking or reducing the imported products have a significant role.

The number of new products, new technology into standards, reduce costs, improve efficiency, optimize the product features and enables new products and new technologies quickly recognized by the market, and promote the progress of the industry.

(2) the development of energy saving, new materials and other aspects of standards, promote industrial restructuring.

Our natural resources are limited, so the development of standard electricity, water and materials is one aspect of the valve standard development. Accelerate the elimination of low efficiency, energy consumption of the product, adjustment of industrial structure, promote new technologies, development and application of new products.

Valves and materials, the focus is the study of new materials with new materials instead of metal materials, to save steel and precious metals purposes.

New ceramic valve using the new ceramic material valve sealing parts and wearing parts, valve products increased wear resistance, corrosion protection and sealing, greatly extending the life of the valve. Extensive manufacturing of ceramic raw materials, low cost, aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements can produce superior performance ceramic materials, can save a lot of metal materials and scarce mineral resources. Ceramic valves used in industrial electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other, its resistance to wear, sealing, and can minimize leakage, environmental protection will play a positive role in promoting. Followed by the development of technology, valve standard committee formulated the "ceramic sealing valve" (JB / T10925-2005) standards, accelerate the promotion of ceramic sealing technology, and promote the development of ceramic sealing material.

Reduce energy consumption, to develop small flow resistance, loss of valve products. In the energy-saving, the focus is electric valve device, through the selection of low-power low-noise motors, and electric means improved structure, control the energy consumption of electric devices.

(3) actively participate in international standards activities, accelerate the transformation of international standards valve

The world has entered a period of development of economic globalization, economic globalization is an inevitable trend to international standards. Through the study of Correlation ISO standards and the standards of the valve, the valve standard for China to adopt international standards have a general understanding of the situation, determine the use of the direction, increase the intensity of adoption. Meanwhile, for the substantive participation in international standardization, will our standards into international standards, international standards for voice and leadership. Due to historical reasons and regional reasons, ISO / TC153 "valve" has been formed in Europe and America as the main pattern. Therefore, the National Standard Authority valve proactive participation on the one hand and hosted meetings with international standards; on the other hand, actively send our experts to the Standards Committee to join international organizations "TC", the Sub-Committee "SC" and Standards Working Group " WC ", seriously vote on the draft international standards, and to the ISO / TC153 Secretariat of favorable terms, so that international standards to reflect our reasonable requirements.

(4) Improving the security, safety and security equipment and personnel of valve products.