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Where to find the source of the hydraulic pump makes noises

A normal machine working together should be the more powerful, resonant voice, and wherein when a problem occurs, sometimes with special sound came a warning, which is commonly used in the hydraulic pump components, there will makes noises The phenomenon, which we need to find the source of the problem, give a solution of the Dao. Now let's look at some common pump noise problems and solutions.

Noise common problems and solutions:

Air pump memory; this failure is usually in the installation of a new pump appears when opened a new pump, the pump should first join the oil, to pump bearings, lubricate the piston and the cylinder .

Approach: Open the pump when the pump is operated filler, the air discharged from the pump inside the fuel filler.

Hydraulic oil viscosity is too large; reduced so that the pump self-absorption capacity, decreased volumetric efficiency.

Solution: use the appropriate viscosity hydraulic oil, if the oil temperature is too low should turn heated.

Oil tank is too low; suction tube blockage causing the pump suction resistance is increased causing pumping air into the pipeline segment or leaks, pump suction air.

Approach: add a little oil according to regulations; cleaning the filter, clear the intake duct; check and tighten the screw into the connection pipe segments.

Improper installation of the motor pump; that the pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity inconsistent, so the pump bearing radial force generated by the noise.

Solution: Check and adjust the concentricity of the pump and motor mounting.

The development of science is to constantly ask questions, solve problems, mechanical engineering problems, we also need to be solved in time, do not look small pump, hidden in one of the science and technology is a lot, and we need to really understand, to of resistance as the driving force, and constantly resolve emergency situations.